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Map to Triathlon

From No Limits Triathlon Head Coach, Todd Malcolm

"101 Training Tips For Your First Ironman"

Have you signed up this year for an Ironman Distance Race or Half Triathlon? 

Every year thousands of new athletes enter into the amazing sport of triathlon and long distance racing.

This will be one of the best decisions you ever make (in my opinion).   🙂

Along the route to the finish line you will have many questions and different choices to make.

Why not review 101 tips from athletes that have gone before you?

They have already crossed the finish line and now are sharing with you their best tip.

For a new athlete....this is GOLD!

You will learn tips on:

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Why 101 tips?

The idea for this short eBook came to me as athletes kept asking me what is my #1 tip for new athletes. I thought how cool it would be to ask athletes who have recently completed their race what their #1 tip is. This way you would be getting tips from people just like you, except that they are a few steps ahead. 

It is my hope that by reading these tips you will gain an appreciation of the common threads that many athletes share as their best tip. 

These tips have been submitted from people all over the world, from all walks of life and in all shapes and sizes. You only need 1 good tip to get your butt across that start and finish line. Read them over now and later during your training and see which one resonates with you. 

Enjoy the tips & Happy Training! 

Coach Todd

Learn From Those Who Have Been There

The journey to your first Ironman will be an amazing adventure.  It will be a highlight for many years to come.

It is a path that I am hooked on, and each year I follow a similar Journey or Map to get me to the finish line. 

I want to share 101 tips from the point of view of current finishers rather than from a coach so that you can better feel that YES this is a possibility for you. 

You Can Do This!

Enjoy the Tips and Enjoy the Ride!

Coach Todd

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